Amazing Animal Photos

April 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

It’s good to be back! This is my first post for the year 2013. Anyway, I saw these beautiful and stunning photos of animal. Truly dramatic and I can’t stop to amaze.

Animal photography is probably one of the most dangerous types of photography. The outcome totally depends on the skills of photographer and the time when the shot is taken. A photographer who uses good exposure, color and blur settings along with appropriate shutter speed and focusing techniques can produce stunning photographs.

Animal photographers have to be prepared and be ready for the unknown. They need to study action and language of animals to know every move. Many animal photographers use camouflage to hide themselves and to give photographs a natural and “natural” look. When shooting in wildness, photographers usually shoot with long telephoto lenses from a distance.

Below are the lists of stunning photos of wild, tamed and other animals:

Cyrus Khamak

Thijs Giesbers

Sushyue Liao

Francesca Birini

E Dorj



Terrie K

Land Nick

Gordon Glen

Sushyue Liao

Nat Ge

Tim Flach

More stunning photos here:


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