Colorful Birds

May 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was browsing the when I saw all this pictures. They very cute especially on their colors, looks like a rainbow. Different colors on their feathers and their look are very unique.

Now, I collect them to show how beautiful they are and to know how important they are in this world. Hope you guys like my photos.

Happier of happy though I be, like them I cannot take possession of the sky, mount with a thoughtless impulse, and wheel there, one of a mighty multitude whose way and motion is a harmony and dance magnificent.¬† –William Wordsworth

Photo by Larue

Photo by PhotoDocGVSU

Photo by iano50

Photo by Nguyen Ngoc Chinh

Photo by Guzman Liner Inc.

Photo by mogs2305

Photo by sergejf

Photo by GoodWinGirl

Photo by a walk on the wild side nature photography

Photo by a walk on the wild side nature photography

Photo by csuzanne 

Photo by lewick

Photo by stilesathelake

Photo by I-SEEN-IT RubenS

Photo by Bill Gracey

Photo by spin_dr_wolf

Photo by Donna Sullivan Thomsom

Photo by San Diego Shooter


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