Recollecting Some ANTM Photos

April 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

As I was working on something, I remembered about my addiction to America’s Next Top Model. Somehow, I was addicted to it because of the creative sets made from Mr Jay and unusual selections they have as winners. My favorites were not always the winners but anyways, I have no hard feelings for Tyra Banks. I love her shows!

Now, I want to muse over all those nice shots that were taken before the all-stars (I know, I stopped watching ANTM before the All-Stars even started) by posting some of my favorites here. Hope I got your favorite shots as well.

Photo by Massimo Costolli

Shandi Sullivan (Cycle 2)

I definitely want a pair of those sunglasses. Shandi Sullivan got the biggest change ever in ANTM history.

Photo by Craig de Cristo

Nik Pace (Cycle 5), Country Couture

This country couture look by Nik is just perfect! I believe her.

Photo by Tracy Bayne

Danielle Evans (Cycle 6), Snow White aka Snow Black

Danielle Evans has certainly perfected the art of falling. Don’t you think?

Photo by Nigel Barker

Kahlen Rondot (Cycle 4)

Who would’ve thought that this girl hasn’t watched ANTM before? Kahlen Rondot impresses her photographer and the rest of the judges.

Photo: Gerda Genis

Kahlen Rondot (Cycle 4), Springbok

Kahlen certainly embodied a springbok here. In fact, she even bounced off that croc while they were shooting.

Photo by Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don

Michelle Babin (Cycle 7)

The moment she took this bulimic shot, I knew Michelle Babin was the more talented one. She’s simply a natural. Also, I love the model stereotype theme, so true.

Photo by Matthew Jordan Smith

Michelle Babin (Cycle 7) as Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

Ha-ha! Michelle Babin nailed this Ellen DeGeneres shot.

Photo by Carlos Rios

Jaslene Gonzalez (Cycle 8), Weirdo

She was weirdo alright, but Jaslene sure pulled off a stunning shot out of the weirdness.

Photo by Richard Reinsdorf

Natasha Galkina (Cycle 8), Hip-Hop

Have you ever imagined Natasha Galkina to be this cool? She improvised her props to really get into the zone. Awesome!

Photo by Matthew Jordan Smith

Jenah Doucette (Cycle 9), Rock Climbing

Even after several cycles have passed, I’ve never forgotten about this Jenah Doucette shot. Fabulous! Just fabulous!

Photo by Tyra Banks

Saleisha Stowers (Cycle 9), The Great Wall

Great stealth shot from Saleisha Stowers. Was this the birth of jump shots?

Photo by Mike Rosenthal

Anya Kop (Cycle 10)

Anya Kop looked like a pixie in this photo. Eerie but gorgeous!

Photo by Brian Edwards

Samantha Potter (Cycle 11), Tidal Wave

Samantha Potter was simply ingenious in creating the waves.

Allison Harvard (Cycle 12)

Your eyes probably went straight to Allison Harvard that you didn’t notice Ciara on the background. Loved this shot!

Photo by Brian Edwards

Raina Hein (Cycle 14)

A very modelesque shot from Raina Hein.

Photo by Anne Menke

Ann Ward (Cycle 15), Fallen Angel: Longing

The harness never looked like it bothered Ann Ward in this fallen angel shot.

Photo by Nigel Barker

Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16)

Alexandria Everett looked like a character from a fairy tale.



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